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Who's Zoomin' Who?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Most musicians seem to use Zoom, and these seem to be the main reasons:

Better sound quality Zoom allows you to "enable original sound" which removes the potentially destructive audio compression that is built into Zoom and Skype. For speech, it's good to remove any extraneous noise and sound. However for music, some of this "noise" is the music itself!

Many musicians have posted step-by-step guides on how to optimise the audio settings.

Jim Daus Hjernøe from the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark has produced an inspiring video about how to enable the higher quality audio settings.

Breakout rooms

Zoom offers a very easy way to create breakout rooms and assign students automatically or manually. Breakout rooms are used in face-to-face rehearsal sessions for sectional rehearsals (brass, singers etc), so this is a feature musicians are already familiar with.

Intuitive, less business-like interface

Zoom is not perfect, but is easy to configure your audio and video, use chat and change display formats.

More technical tips about Zoom

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