• SteveB

What do I want?

These are my initial thoughts about what I'd like:

  1. Good quality audio, stereo if possible

  2. Two camera angles: a general view + overhead showing my hands

  3. A real-time display of what I play on the MIDI keyboard and perhaps chord names

  4. Lack of latency so the student feels connected

My current equipment includes:

  • Nord Stage 2EX keyboard

  • Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 audio interface

  • Tascam 8 channel mixer with mic input

  • No microphones apart from a basic headset mic

Learning point #1 - enabling HD video in Zoom *really* slows everything down! This got me thinking about screen sharing - should I be screen sharing (for example to show a music score), or is it better just to share "computer audio".

Learning point #2 - using ethernet instead of wireless increases speed by about 20%.

Another question - I have a macbook with two thunderbolt inputs - one is for the mains power, and the other for connecting to my Focusrite interface. I may want to connect to the router via ethernet cable. Can I buy such a thing as a thunderbolt hub?

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