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Using OBS to combine video sources

Updated: May 3, 2020

OBS comes up in conversations about streaming very frequently - it's open source software that allows you to stream to various different platforms.

But could the stream output be used in Zoom? Could I combine an overhead piano shot, and picture of myself as the tutor? It appears you can!

image of OBS software showing a piano keyboard alongside notation and the face of the music teacher

In the example above, I've even included the output of the Chordie app that displays the notation of what I'm playing.

So what's the downside? To send the output to Zoom, you have to use an extension called a virtual cam, so that Zoom sees OBS as just another webcam. Currently this extension is only available for Windows and Linux.

UPDATE: I've since discovered that you can right-click on the OBS scene window, select Projector preview, and you will be able to use this as a stream for Zoom. Tested fine.

More information

I recommend the JohnPaul Music UK YouTube channel for more information about music and streaming.

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