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Remote interview recording with Cleanfeed

Updated: May 15, 2020

I've come across a browser-based app that is used in the broadcasting industry to record high quality interviews. Very useful for podcasters working in lockdown who want to record someone remotely. If the interviewer and interviewee both have reasonable quality mics, you can achieve studio quality.

One of the leading apps is called Cleanfeed. Simply sign up for a free account, send an email link to a friend, and establish a high-quality connection. The latency is minimal, and you can monitor this by clicking on the info bar in the app (see image below).

This has got huge potential, not just for podcasters. Music and language teachers may appreciate the high quality communication available. The software says that multiple connections are possible on a session, so group teaching is possible. Please see this step-by-step review of Cleanfeed

There's a demo and interview with one of Cleanfeed's founders on YouTube:

My next tests will about how to use Cleanfeed with Zoom - how about a high quality audio call with Zoom just providing the video feed?

UPDATE: Looks like Cleanfeed, like many software providers, are publishing guidance for those using their products during COVID-19. Cleanfeed have produced a guide for how to avoid echo during recording.

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